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" What is True Self Defense? "
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What is True Self Defense

    After much anticipation James Mitose's book "What Is True Self Defense?" is finally on its way to the printers!
It is not every day a book like this comes along! A quarter of a Century to be exact!

    The original idea came up many years ago as a means to allow students a chance to purchase an affordable true copy of James Mitose's work for all to enjoy.

    The First Edition was compiled by a group of Practitioners with the intention of helping James Mitose publish his book and convey his message of self-defense. For this, they should be thanked for the work they had done so many years ago.

    An original manuscript was sent to Ken Relf in Canada where it was used as a guide for the remake. Every word James Mitose wrote was painstakingly reproduced and re-arranged to create a better flow. The original hand drawn pictures have been placed into the book to keep with the original flavor.

    It was the original intention of James Mitose to share his family art with the world for peace and to show the world the true meaning of Self-defense. It is here his words will live on

    Pre-order your copy today for only $ 89.95 as this will certainly be a must for students of all styles and systems. The first 50 limited Edition copies come with an Authenticity Card Signed and numbered by Thomas Mitose " Soke " So be among the first to receive your copy!

    The Mitose Family would like to extend to" Our Representative of Canada " Ken Relf, for all of his hard work on this project and Dedication to Mitose's International Kosho-Ryu Kenpo Association Special Recognition and Sincere Thanks! For without his time and talent this would not be possible!

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