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Symbol One: Kigan Translated means "Praying to god for help when someone attacks me." The true meaning being - "I want only peace and do not want to fight with anyone, so God Please help me!"

Symbol Two: Kaishu Translated means "Open Hands." The true meaning being - "I am not carrying any weapons in my hands or in my heart." Breaking the symbol in parts: Looking through the center hole represents "To see only the good part of man," the "hand shape represents "Mountain = My heart is like the mountain."

Symbol Three: Hoken Translate means "Cover or hide the fist." The true meaning being - "I do not want to fight anyone." The fist is a treasure, so do not show it to the public, but hide it in the pocket."

Symbol Four: Matsuba Translated means "Pine needle." The true meaning being - "The evergreens live long, young, and healthy lives."

Symbol Five: Take Translated means "Bamboo." The true meaning being - "Man of Frank, the Honest." I am not evil because when you cut inside bamboo, it is empty.

Symbol Six: Baika Translated means, "Plum Flower." The true meaning being - "The Japanese plum flower stands for beauty, nobility and courage." This is because the plum flower puts forth blossoms while the snow is still on the ground.

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