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NOTE: The exercises will be incorrect unless breathing is done in a correct manner. All breathing is done through the nose. This is because the nasal passages are equipped to filter air, also to warm cold air, as well as cool hot air for the lungs. First, inhale (slowly) and deeply through the nose, forcing the air to the bottom of the lungs. Bring the air into your stomach, (meaning below your naval). Push down with your stomach muscles. Exhale, (The center of energy is slightly below the naval. The center of power is in the waist and buttock muscles). In executing the breathing exercises it will build energy, power, strength, and promote good health.







Praying Position
In this set of exercises, the starting position is in the praying position. Feet are placed at shoulders width apart. Toes pointed out at a forty-five degree angle, with the chin kept in. [Reason for this is that it makes it easy to close the anus opening. When the anus is closed, all the energy {the air} that you swallow stays in the body and below the navel.].
Covered Fist

Covered Fist Position
Making a fist with the right hand and covering it with the left hand in front of you, slowly swing it to below the naval. Inhale deeply through the nose. Swallow the air using the stomach muscles forcing the air below the naval. Hit your stomach with the covered fist three times, [in the beginning do not hit your stomach hard, as time and practice continues, build up the striking power]. Exhale.

Universe Position
SLOWLY, swing your arms out and up on each side, bringing them up over your head. Touch your fingertips together. The crook of your arms will be about ear level. [This circle, sweeping upward and over your head, represents the Universe]
Sun's Ray

Sun's Ray Position
Touch your hands and index fingers together, while spreading your hands wide. [This represents the sun, with the spreading of the fingers representing the sun's rays]

Moon Position
Bring the finger tips in together, so all tips are touching. [This represents the moon].

Stars Position
Separate your hands, horizontally, approximately eight inches, spread the fingers wide. [This represents the stars]
Covered Fist Position
Covered Fist Position
Return to the covered fist position, with the left open hand covering the right fist, below the navel. Exhale and Inhale - his the stomach three times with the covered fist.

Heaven Position
Turn the head upward, as if looking to the sky. [This represents looking at heaven].

Earth Position
Turn the head downward, looking to your feet. [This represents looking at the earth].
Human Being

Human being Position
Bring the head up level, looking straight ahead. Exhale and Inhale, hit the stomach three times with the covered fist. [This represents being a human being].
No Harm
Violence Position

No Harm or Violence Position
With the right fist still covered by the left hand, raise them to heart level directly in front of the chest. [This represents no harm or violence, also covering the fist means, "it is a treasure," a treasure to hide in the pocket].

Mountain Position
Open the right hand, and turning both hands outward so palms are directly away from you. The fingers have been straightened on both hands with thumbs spread back. Touch the tips of the thumbs and index fingers together. [This means "A am carrying no weapons. I have an open heart that wishes harm to no person of thing. With the person looking at you through the hole in your hands, means to see only the good part of man. The hand shape represents a mountain, "my heart is like a mountain"].

Praying Position
Placing the palms and fingers together in a straight line, assuming once again the praying position. [This represents praying for divine intervention - No Violence]
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