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KO - [old] SHO - [pine tree] Ryu - [school]
{old pine tree school}
KEN - [fist] PO - [law]
{law of the fist}

" The style's name is believed in memory of a Mitose GrandMaster who received a spiritual message from God while praying and meditating when under an old pine tree. This descendent had changed his religion Buddhism. Studying the teachings of Buddha and Japanese Yoga, (Japanese Yoga is like Indian Yoga in appearance). However, it is different. This spiritual messenger from God showed the Grandmaster how to escape from attackers with no bodily harm, using only body contact in executing the pushing and pulling arts. For as put forth, a human has no right to kill or injure another human being, but must go without weapons to demonstrate his peacefulness to others. "

     Kosho Shorei True and Pure Karate and Kenpo consists of Japanese Yoga coupled with Self-Defense exercises. These include "peace" and "escape" patterns that make extensive use of the jumping arts.
     The jumping arts use predominantly the large muscles of the legs and are therefore very effective in increasing the heart rate during their execution. Since the heart specializes in pumping blood and giving life, regular aerobic exercises will strengthen it.
     One additional benefit of such aerobic exercises is the development of strengthening the vessels around the heart. This development and strengthening of the capillaries provide satisfactory circulation in the event that the major vessels of the heart become blocked. Kosho Shorei exercises maintain health through efficient aerobic exercises. Also included is a system of nutrition and techniques for increasing and maintaining the body's flexibility through stretching.
      In Kosho Shorei, students are trained to become totally aware of all aspects of their environment, to anticipate all psychology and Kosho - Shorei.
     Yet, at another level of Kosho - SHOREI is the religious system consistent with Judeo - Christian tradition added with the teachings of Buddha. In Kosho - Shorei using meditation and energy collection as techniques for development of a restful state of being necessary for achieving inner peace and harmony.

The Self-Defense Art of Kosho - Ryu

     Kenpo Jiu-Jitsu is an art of self-defense practices in the far east. Among the martial arts in which weapons are not used. No other can surpass or compare with the art of Kenpo. In any civilization, physical encounters between individuals are sometimes unavoidable and to enable a person to be victorious, self defense is of the essence.
     Kenpo enables a person to defend themselves with one fist against an aggressive opponent. Kenpo's power is miraculous and truly beyond the explanation of words. The innermost and true spirit of Kenpo lies in humility and self-restraint, it must be practiced according to ones mental conscience and the beliefs in God.
     The student trains diligently with development of the spirit as the primary aim, once mastering the fundamentals, experimentation by one's self with the object of offering practical contributions to the art. A part of the art known as Go Shin Jutsu (art of self defense) is the preservation of human rights in each of us instilled in ourselves by God. The insurance of peace and order, and the promotion of happiness is humankind.
     The Kenpo art is similar to judo atemi. However, the art and philosophy is different. The execution in maneuvering and having your opponent place himself into a position to be attacked is taught by Kenpoists.


     Today's young generation is tired of being reminded of church and the philosophies of religion, "to do right and shun wrong." An approach to that problem is needed and Kenpo supplies this approach.
     As the youth of today learn Kenpo, almost without their knowledge the faith of God is instilled. Kenpo builds confidence and their characteristic's become molded into something fine, clean, and good. Without being forced, they are willing to undertake whatever tasks that confront them, by that becoming upright, respectable and law-abiding citizens.

" Final Thought "

     The Kenpo that is most popularly taught in the United States stems from the system developed in Hawaii by Great Grand Master James M. Mitose, who has as his students Thomas Young and Professor William Chow. It was in 1976 that James Mitose came out of retirement and reestablished the Kosho Ryu Kenpo system. Following his death in 1981, his son Thomas B. Mitose assumed the position of the Great Grand Master of the system. Thus the Mitose Kenpo tradition established twenty-two generations ago continues and remains intact.


Please believe in God, respect the law, especially do not use any violence or break the law for any reason and cooperate with all law officers. Live in peace and be happy.
Thank You !!!

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